Haarlem By Dusk by Angela Pondaag Up close in my world

Haarlem by dusk

Autumn time brings beautiful sunsets, which brings  colourful skies which is characteristic for our country. Therefor me & my photoclub, met up one early evening to stroll past the Spaarne ( the canal which runs through Haarlem) and to capture our city by dusk. We were extremely lucky with the very calm weather.  I can't

Peonies_photograhpy | copyright @ losangelas | upcloseinmyworld.com


  Today some of my colleagues saw this blog and they really liked it and I got complimented on my photography! one said what she loved is the peony header. There is more where that came from in my archives, so for this Wednesday... Peonies!

up close in my life

  Hi there and welcome back too My World. For almost two years my blog floated around aimlessly abandoned on the web. In all that time have sat down behind my laptop, thought while in the shower, in the car on my way to work, while cooking on what, again, my first post should be about;

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Garden visitors

    Last summer I bought this egg with nesting material for in my garden cause, even though we live in a city, we still get quite a few birds in the garden especially small birds like sparrows and blue tits. I was so pleased to see that my garden visitors appreciated their present and used

Global March For Lions

Something different then the topics that I usually post, but this I had to share. The sad fact is that in several countries, lions are bred so that rich people can "hunt" them for pleasure. These canned huntings or trophy huntings are a growing business in mainly Africa and so thousands of lions are bred