Haarlem By Dusk by Angela Pondaag Up close in my world

Haarlem by dusk

Autumn time brings beautiful sunsets, which brings  colourful skies which is characteristic for our country. Therefor me & my photoclub, met up one early evening to stroll past the Spaarne ( the canal which runs through Haarlem) and to capture our city by dusk. We were extremely lucky with the very calm weather.  I can't

What I did today?

What I did today? It was such a nice sunny day that me and my boyfriend went to Haarlem.... .... had some really dutch frites, while we sat in the sun..... Bought a brand new pair of "Birckenclogs" for holiday next week .... watched some cool street artists & had cup of coffee on a

Let me in!!!

Last night when we walked home from after having dinner in the center of Haarlem, I saw this single shoe standing lonely outside of a shoe shop, it was kind of a sad sight, like to say, "hey guys, I'm all alone, let me in!"

Biological birthday

Today was Sis' birthday, so the whole family went for dinner in this great biological restaurant; AANGENAAM in Haarlem. Not only was the food biological, but also the beer and my boyfriend even had an biological cognac with his coffee as a desert. But also the place was so full of great little things that