practicing food photography; raspberries and brambles

raspberries & blackberries 3

According to the website,, is today international food photography day…

Although this website does not specifies why, nor what this is based on and because it is sponsored by an brand of fruit, I doubt how much value this IFPD really has. Nevertheless, I should not complain too much, because when I read it I wanted to post some food photos on my blog and thus taking part in it.

I have taken these photos with the idea that with trying out new idea you will get better. I have taken these photos of blackberries and raspberries in a dark room, with a black background. It was not easy, and these photos have some imperfections, but I did want to share them here and wish you all a very happy International Food Photography DAY !!!! LOL

raspberries & blackberries 2

raspberries & blackberries 1


raspberries & blackberries 4

  1. I think these are great shots and I like your subject matter, berries in teacups – lovely!

    1. Thank you Lorna! Right up you alley of course, cute tea cups 😉 it’s becoming a sort of an addiction cute crockery

      1. I understand that addiction. 🙂

  2. Excellent photography indeed. Inspiring.

  3. I love these shots. They are simple and colorful

  4. Angela, there are great pictures! I think my favourite is the landscape one in the middle – looking vertically down on the tops of the cups full of fruit – its very well done! Adrian

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