Praticing food photography; Figs and berries

food photography Figs and berries 4

It’s fig season, or so I found out when I went to the market and a couple of minutes later walked away with a tray of 16 figs for 5,- and also just over a found of blueberries… I mean, why not! Only to think to myself; what am I gonna do with all these figs!

So first thing before eating them, take to opportunity for some food photography!

I had some weird looks when I cycled into the park with my little blue table. And when I was later on setting up the table with some fancy dishes and only fruits…., people just stopped and stared, with half a smile on their face. The great thing about shooting in a big open space is the light, which really worked well in this shoot!

Any tips, trick or feedback is of course more then welcome!!

food photography figs and berries

food photography Figs and berries 3

food photography figs and berries 2

food photography Figs and berries 6

food photography Figs and berries 5


  1. Lovely pictures! And I really admire you to take your stuff to a public place to shoot there. I’d be too much of an introvert, just the thought of people stopping and watching and – at least in my imagination – shaking their heads…

    1. Hey Kiki,
      Thanks for liking!
      and yes, it was scary!
      But I felt that I had to challange myself and to be honest it was in the corner of the park and once I was really into the shoot, I did not notice them anymore.
      Also I felt pretty proud of myself that I did it 🙂
      …. and you’re always sure of enough daylight

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