Oh Deer!

oh dear


So, one day me and my sister went out for a walk in the forrest near Haarlem, but before we could actually enter the forres we stopped in out tracs,

for 2 young deer stood there grazing and relaxing in the sun.

This is one of those moment that I was super happy that I drag my camera everywhere I go, and could only sigh “Oh Deer” while snapping one photo after the other.

We followed them a bit from the field where we found them, into the forrest, where it seemed they posed for us a bit more, then they disappeared in between the trees…


oh dear 7


Oh dear 8


Oh dear 6


Oh dear 5


oh dear 11


Oh dear 9 copy

  1. Beautiful pictures, Angela! Adrian

    1. thank you Adrian!! 🙂

  2. Your pictures are amazing! I wonder how did you approach the animals to take these great pics!

    1. Hi there! Thank you so much :)!
      First of all, these photos are taken in a part of nature where these animals live, but where also a lot of people come to walk and enjoy nature, so they are used to people.
      Second is that I use the 18-200 lens of Nikon, which means that I did not approach them that close 🙂
      And of course a bit of luck, when I got there I happened to have my camera in me and these 2 were really relaxed 🙂
      Thanks again for visiting!

  3. bambi in the fur-lesh!

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