brownies - copyright @ LosAngelas

Dinner with L. Part l – dessert, flourless brownies

brownies - copyright @ LosAngelas

Finally I have made a successfull brownie attempt again!

First of all, my friend L & I have the tradition of cooking something together which neither of us has made before, and even though this was only the second time, both of us were so enthusiastic that we can already call it a tradition.

This time we made artichokes with 2 different dips  and a creamy risotto with turnip-tops and salmon. With 2 people in a small kitchen and recipes never tried before there was unfortunately to chance to take photos of the process unless you’re interested in a exploded kitchen… BUT, the dish was such a success that I made it a couple of days later for my bf, and this time with photos – which will follow later

brownies - copyright @ LosAngelas

However I was smart enough to make the desert in advance, and had plenty of time to take photos of these, delicious nutty brownies.

I decided on a making a flowerless brownie with extra nutty – walnuts and almonds.

For my 16cm bake tin, I have used the following ingredients, which was, as you can see still a bit too much, so additional muffin shapes had to be filled.

200 gr dark chocolate                       150 gr butter

30 gr cacao powder                              2 eggs

150 gr fine sugar               1/2 tbs baking powder

50 gr walnuts                    50 gr chopped almonds

For full recipes, maybe you can try this one by Nigella                                                           or this triple chocolate version by Martha Stewart 

Serve with ice cream, enjoy!

brownies - copyright @ LosAngelas

brownies - copyright @ LosAngelas

brownies - copyright @ LosAngelas

brownies - copyright @ LosAngelas

brownies - copyright @ LosAngelas

    1. thank you Lorna 🙂

  1. I haven’t had my morning coffee yet, and now I BADLY want a brownie with it!

    Who said you can’t have dessert with breakfast? Some very boring person, I suspect. 🙂

    1. Of course! think outside the box! btw if I would have known, I would have send you a couple… I had so much left… :S

      1. See, now you’re just torturing me! 😉

  2. Beautiful pics! And thanks for following my blog. I hope you enjoy it.

    1. BEDANKT! I hope to see you again, and I always like finding other duchies on WordPress

  3. They look só delicious!

    1. Thanks Dianda, the were pretty nice I really liked the extra nuts in it.

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  5. Love the top picture! Adrian

  6. The pictures are terrific. Looks so yummy!

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