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chocolate chocolate cake

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blog chocolate cake 1 - copyright LosAngelas

Have you ever visited the Bakerella website? I’m not sure if I should I advice you to go there, because it’s an internet trap! Once you there it’s hard to browse away from it… there I found a recipe for this delicious double double chocolate cake, which Bakerella calls “just a cake”. Since my last chocolate post was while ago, this was for sure on my “to bake list” but it’s not one of those things you bake on a tuesday evening for you and you lover.

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blog chocolate cake 3 - Copyright @ LosAngelas

Therefore last saturday was the perfect opportunity, when a dear friend of mine celebrated       her birthday/farewell party, as she got a job in Miami (grrrrrrr…!) and had to move away from Amsterdam. And so I dove in the kitchen to make this monstrous chocolate cake. This recipe is surprisingly easy to follow, and has three stages. to make sure my cake was big enough for this occasion, I used 1,5 times the ingredients and used a 28 cm bakepan. and it was big alright! what do you expect with almost a kilo of sugar (or maybe a bit more) and a small mountain of butter… when you’re making it you think “I’m not gonna take a bite of this now that I know how much is actually in it).

But this cake is truly delicious! (or everybody at the party was just very nice to me) plus it looks impressive, I added some red foodcoloring to the buttercream, for a pink effect. this is an absolute must try for every chocolate/cake/sugar-fan.

blog chocolate cake 4 - copyright @ LosAngelas

So enjoy, but beware of 2 warnings:

– Only enter the bakerella website when you know you have enough time.

– Only make this for a group of people, or you might end up eating the whole thing yourself.


  1. It looks really tempting and well worth the special effort you have made.

    1. it is definitely worth it, it’s super delicious and not too heavy. for sure something to try.

  2. Hahaha, I loved your warning:) I know a few website like that.. I can spend hours looking through and imagining the recipes I’d make.. This one looks like a real culinary triumph!

    1. I know, right?! some people are just too gifted when it comes to this! and yes, I have not made anything like this, but happy that I made it. Will sure do it again 🙂

  3. This looks really really really good!

    1. thanks Eva, it was really nice! quite happy how it turned out.

  4. Wow, your lucky friend! Perhaps she won’t bother moving to Miami now, if there’s more of that on offer. I’m gearing myself up for the Bakerella website…

    1. hihi, that’s too late already, but maybe I can use it to make new friends…?
      Good luck on the Bakerella website, you will enjoy it!

  5. OMG! sinful and to die for, *thinks* must get Pops to give it ago lol 😉

    1. thanks! give it a shot! the recipe on is really easy to follow

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  7. Once again, stunning photographs and a gorgeous looking cake! Perfect!

    1. Thank you very much Dimitri! It was a good experience to make and lovely to eat!

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  9. Oh Yum!
    I love chocolate cake 🙂
    When I bake I always end up baking a chocolate cake, perhaps I should make this one a part of my repertoire?

    1. Oh yes! Make this one, you will make everybody around you very happy 🙂 haha. I have now made it three times, and so far not one complaint.

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