The Garden Chronicles: Beeezzz & butterfly

For eight years I have lived in this house, and although our garden is relatively big, and it does attract a lot of birds, this summer was the first time I saw a butterfly. So I rushed in to get my camera and grabbed my camera to capture the moment.

Also the lavender attracted a lot of beez, but these little creatures were so buzzzy buzzzy that wasn’t easy to get them in the picture. And i was disappointed to find out that the photo’s weren’t sharp or under exposed. There went my project.

On a lazy day I took the pictures, and saw if anything lost could be fixed, and quite frankly I was amazed with the results that came out.

Pretty arty beeeezzz pictures!

  1. What a really lovely set of pictures, very well done! Working down from the top, my favourites are numbers 1 (wow!), 4 (very nice!) and 5. Photos don’t always have to be sharp to be good eg in the top one here the bee isn’t sharp, but wow what a picture! Good stuff – and a real surprise to see! FATman

    1. Thanks FATman!! yeah., I thought they were lost, but then you see what can happen….! maybe it has also got something to do that I’m not too experienced with photo editing 🙂
      Yeah, the 1st one is the best, and I like the 3rd one too…
      thanks for the compliment 🙂

  2. I love these!! I took a bee picture kinda like this a few weeks ago and I was SO excited!

    1. thanks!! 🙂 how cool that you shot a similar picture. it’s great when photo’s don’t turn out to be what you expected, but actually surprise you with and amazing effect.

  3. Cool pictures!!

  4. I love the 1st and 3rd shots, much better than a perfect, pin-sharp image!

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