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Fresh Pesto

I’m not a person that has to make everything from scratch, of course when I bake delicious things it has to be….

my opinion if you buy a box and just add water, why bother at all.

But when I made a pasta pesto the other day, I felt I had to and every time I do make it I promise myself, that I never buy a jar again.

The taste is so much better, especially me being a garlic freak (if it says one, I add two maybe three)

I picked up the recipe from this site.

Little bonus, these wonderful pictures, which made the whole process take three times longer…

  1. I am so lovin’ the vivid photographs… just beautiful! It’s making me crave for pesto! LOL!

    1. thanks!! 🙂
      pasta pesto is always delicious when you don’t have a lot of time

      1. I wish I could make some but i don’t have a blender yet… sigh! it’s one of the things I learned when I attended cooking class at The Ritz – that one cannot make proper pesto with a hand blender… must be a proper blender. Saving up points for it! LOL!

  2. I like the way you took the picture, like picture in magazine.. 🙂
    we don’t have such a food like that here… I am curious what the taste it should be…

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