My garden is ready for spring.


After a long cold winter, the whole garden is barren looking, the ornaments are rusty & crusty and  even some pots did not survive.

And then yesterday there was the sun,  and even though it was still very cold, me and Brandy

(black&white in the right top) got outside to do some sweeping & tidying.

I can’t wait for in a couple of weeks, I’ll be planting some beautiful plants & flowers…

My garden is ready for spring….!!!


  1. Beautiful Photos!! you know i had a cat that looked just like yours. His name was whistle.

    1. thank so much! did you cat follow you around everywhere too?? she’s like a shadow… scary ( but sweet) 🙂

  2. I love this collection of photos. I think a lot of us are ready for Spring!

    1. thanks very much ( and a few days after I took these pictures it snowed again…. so we’ll have to wait a little longer…)

  3. This photos are beautiful, I love the cat and the heart : )

  4. those are beautiful pictures,
    i don’t hae a garden but
    my heart♥ is ready for spring 🙂

    1. thanks! although you want to see my garden now, we’re getting a new fence so the whole place looks upside down…. but once it’s done, I prob get another blog opportunity.
      and I hope your heart gets what she wants… 🙂

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